Powers Of Attorney

Whether you are a senior citizen or a young couple it is always prudent to prepare Powers of Attorney. I am an experienced Powers of Attorney Lawyer in Mississauga with over 30 years of experience.

Only two people can legally direct your financial or medical affairs: the first is you; the second is a Judge. Without your permission not your dad, the banker, your lawyer, your doctor or the Prime Minister can legally touch your stuff. Just you or a Judge.

By preparing a Power of Attorney now you are able to choose your spokesman in the event of your future physical or mental inability to handle your financial or medical affairs. For example, I have seen the need for Powers of Attorney in cases such as Alzheimer’s, lengthy hospital stays, inability to just get around, and even simple absence from the country.

In a crisis you do not want your family to face the cost, and time delays of going to a Judge.

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