Do You Need A Will?

As I am a “Will” Lawyer in Mississauga, I understand that families are complex and that drafting your Will can be complicated. Understand that with my office, no family issue or Will is considered too complicated. I am compassionate and will work to offer creative solutions.

My office is designed to provide a relaxing, non-threatening environment. I also offer a secure storage vault for all Wills should you choose to leave it with me, and I will provide reminders to review your Will periodically, so that you can update needed changes when new family members are born, or when there are changes in your marital or family status, or your assets.

When you die, someone is going to get your stuff, and either you get to decide, or the government gets to decide, who is going to get what. Making a Will is something that every adult should do. Whether you have children or not, if you have assets then you need a Will to control what will happen to them in the event of your death. As a “Will” lawyer I often meet spouses, siblings, parents and children embroiled in struggles to dispute assets and property that a deceased family member never thought about or properly addressed; a carefully drafted Will reduces the risk of such disputes.

I will help you look at the “big picture” and will help you understand the entire process without explaining everything in “legalese”. My goal as a Will lawyer is to ensure that your family are not left with a fight. As with all aspects of my legal profession, I have taken an oath of confidentiality and you can be assured that your secrets are safe with me.

To start the process please contact our Will lawyer in Mississauga on (905)823-1487 for our intake questionnaire.

Reviewing Existing Wills.

I can also be called upon to review your existing Wills to assist you in ensuring they still say what you want them to say. Sometimes older Wills need to be redone but it is possible that a simpler Codicil will suffice so please contact my office on (905)823-1487 to set up a “pretend I died” appointment to discuss this further.

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