Real Estate Lawyer


I am a Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga and I offer the following Real Estate Law services:

Purchase and Sale Transactions

Working with my real estate assistant (& wife) Laura, we will review, prepare and complete your residential real estate transactions, answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.

Our streamlined system will normally only require one visit to my office before closing where I will sit down with you to go over the financial breakdown and the signing documents.

New Home Purchase Agreement Review

I am available to review your new construction agreement during the conditional period and discuss the risks. I will also explain the Tarion Warranty critical dates and oversight and other obligations.

Condominium Status Certificate Review

If you are in the process of purchasing a Condominium, there will normally be a condition in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale regarding reviewing the status certificate. Once you have received the documents you can set up an appointment to sit with me to review it and discuss the various legal aspects of condo living and the merits of your particular condo corporation. This is an extremely important process especially for new home buyers and those who have never owned a condo before.

Private Purchase/Sale Agreement Review

If you decide to purchase a home and do not wish to hire a realtor I can prepare the Offer and act on your behalf with respect to preparing waivers and dealing with the Seller’s lawyer. If you are selling privately, I can review the Buyer’s Offer with you and communicate with the Buyer’s lawyer during the process.

Refinancing a Mortgage/Line of Credit

I can act on the lender’s (both Private and Institutional) instructions to register a new mortgage on your property, pay off and discharge from title the old one(s), and pay off any debts should you be consolidating credit cards etc.

Title Transfers and Survivorship Applications

Contact me to discuss inter-family transfers, transfers pursuant to a separation agreement and the distribution of proceeds, or Survivorship applications when a spouse has passed away. I can also broach the taxation and asset protection implications of your plans.

Existing Owner Title Insurance

Title insurance is generally purchased when title changes, either with a new owner or a new lender. It is a sensible product to obtain.
You may wish to obtain title insurance even if your title is not changing, and I can help with that.

Asset Protection Mortgages

If you have a mortgage free property you may be at greater risk of title fraud. Contact me to discuss a defence from predators.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Businesses purchase and sell property too. I can assist with this.

To get in touch with me, call (905)823-1487